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Ark 2023 – Tomorrow's Applications

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ARK is the annual IT architecture conference of the Norwegian Computer Association, which has been held for 11 years.

The theme for this year's conference is the use of generative AI technology in solutions and how it will change the way we create solutions architectures. How will the use of such technology change the way we design, develop, test, integrate, and interact with tomorrow's applications?

AI technology has the potential to enhance customer engagement, streamline communication, and improve solution development.

Date: 15 November 2023

Chronos AS contributes with the following presentation:

How to leverage the knowledge acquired by language models (ChatGPT, among others) along with your own content sources?
by Advisor and partner, Espen Remman and Machine Learning Engineer Jon Audun Baar.

We describe a solution architecture where generative language models interact with your own sources. A generative language model possesses implicit vast amounts of knowledge. However, we cannot solely rely on that knowledge, as the model lacks familiarity with your organization's knowledge. This knowledge must be utilized.
In the presentation, we will showcase:
i.) A chat solution planned for launch in August by "X," and
ii.) An AI/Language Technology extension of the document production solution by Xait AS, developed in a research project. The research project is a collaboration between Xait AS, Aker Solutions AS, and Chronos AS.

Draft outline of presentation:

  1. Ambitions for the solutions.
  2. What is required to build generative solutions? Similarities and distinctions compared to traditional solutions.
  3. How to build a solution architecture that meets the ambitions?
  4. Requirements, possibilities, and limitations, interoperatibility, available platforms and tools.
  5. Examples and a brief demonstration.
  6. Summary and the way forward.


Espen Remman
Espen Remman (bilde), M.Sc. (Cand. Sc.) Artificial Intelligence. Partner and Advisor at Chronos. He has 30 years of experience in information technology as a practitioner, advisor, and leader. He has 10 years of operational experience in delivering AI and language technology solutions. Remman leads two research projects, one focusing on AI applied in language technology and the other on AI applied in smart logistics. Remman serves as a sensor at the Department of Engineering Science with a focus on AI at the University of Tromsø and is a board member of the AI Interest Group in the Norwegian Data Association.
Jon Audun Baar
Jon Audun Baar (bildet), M.Sc., Artificial Intelligence/Mathematics. Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Chronos. He has 4 years of experience in developing systems for applied research and business in language technology, operations research, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.

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Chronos AS 
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